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Often times, while browsing the internet, I come across information that causes me great distress. I am a skeptic at heart, but much of the research surrounding most specifically, the "PIZZAGATE" scandal, is virtually undebunkable. This revelation caused me to have a brief relapse of my mental state, but this time instead of assuming the fetal position and disconnecting from the entire world, I made the decision to act as an alchemist, and transmuted this evil information into something fun and informative, to share with people.

The first song is called "Conspiratitus", a term I've coined for when one feels both physically and mentally ill from having read some absolutely shockingly "WokeAF". It touches on John Podesta, UFO's, aliens, the shadow government, Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

The second song is called "Mind Control", and is most specifically aimed at the speculation that Esteban Santiago Ruiz, the alleged Ft. Lauderdale shooter, was a victim of government mind control, but also touches on the Vatican thread, the flaws of Western medicine, consumerism and the NWO.

Thanks for reading/listening, and I'll see you at the bottom of the rabbit hole!


released March 12, 2017

Music & Lyrics by Mitch Langdon



all rights reserved


ANTIBLISS Toronto, Ontario


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Track Name: Mind Control
Midnight, blurred sight, red light, don't wanna die.
Beer can, rough hands, hitman, in Afghanistan.
I need my medicine but I forgot how much I can take,
Before I hallucinate and see snakes.
Simulate acts of violence,
Pale pallid skin haven't taken your vitamins,
Feeble and fickle and so unexciting,
You're shaking so much couldn't read your handwriting,
It's all coinciding,
You're a victim of government mind control.

Hypnotized, motorized, oversized, french fries,
Overspend, condescend, lady friend, the clergy men.
I banished Satan from my body, now life's meaningless.
Psychoanalytic process,
Seems to state I'm a Nihilist,"
Post-modern negative, scared of the Zionists.
Pale pallid skin haven't taken my vitamins,
So paranoid of the malleable scientists,
Don't need a psychiatrist,
To tell me how fucked up I have become.
Track Name: Conspiratitus
I used to download all my music for free,
I was quite skilled at using web-based browsers.
I saw a silver van across the street,
Closed my computer and pulled up my trousers.
I swear it came back every day for a week.
I was so paranoid about Podesta,
I finally torrented the whole Wikileaks.
I knew that scumbag was a child molester.

I read a lot of things that I don't even care to explain.
I've got the conspiratitus baby.

It was alright until that fateful night,
Woke up at 4AM to sounds of static,
The strobing lights burnt pictures into my eyes,
My laptop starting acting all erratic.
The secret service came and knocked on my door,
They said to live I must give up my harddrive,
I swear I don't know what you're talking about,
Magnetic forces had erased my archives,

It was in that very moment that we all saw flying saucers up above.
Maybe those little green guys are looking out for me,
Or maybe I've just got the conspiratitus baby.