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released July 7, 2015

All songs written, performed, and recorded by:
Mitch Langdon & Patrick Parliament

Guest performances in "Give a Shit" by:
Sunnsetter & VanBurden



all rights reserved


ANTIBLISS Toronto, Ontario


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Track Name: Give a Shit
I want to sell out, cerebral celibacy.
Gut feeling fallout, seen all the scenery.
Seen all we're gonna see

I need it so much, hard with nowhere to spit.
Mouths hang wide open, so hard to give a shit.
So hard nowhere to spit.

So hard to give a shit.
So hard nowhere to spit.
Track Name: Fornicate
Early mornings and good afternoons.
Myriadial in your "see you soons".
I cut myself on a rusted can.
I was born to tell myself I can't.

Can I be excused? I cleaned my plate.
Lock the cellar door and fornicate.
Mom & Dad I hope you didn't see,
All the body fluids I secrete.

If you think you want to talk to me,
Then I think you'd better listen.
If you think I oughta open up,
Then try me, you might find something you like.
Track Name: Dust
Cut to the front of the line,
Leave us like dust behind.
Kick up a trail of your shit,
You're so legitimate.
Stereotypical scum,
Well I've been wondering,
Where did you go?
From city to city.

I can't sleep, I've been running around,
Back alleys, backwashed from town to town.
I can't sleep, I've been running around,
Back and forth, backwashed from city to city.
Track Name: Porous Focus // Out of Season
Smell of gasoline, intoxicating.
They tell you life is what you fake it.
Running out of ways to explain it.
Elucidating me naked.

Harvest me I'm quite in season.
Ripened fruit does rot to resist.
White oak doors you left your keys in,
Porous focus.

Colonies of ants are eating,
Rotten fruit that's quite in season.
Watching your hairline recede in,
Porous focus.
Track Name: Harm Me
Hit & run, at 10 to 1,
Woke up in a comatose.
Linoleum peels cheap for scum,
Asbestos overdose.

Called the fuzz, and killed our buzz.
I'm clocking out contused, concussed,
In harm's way, so harm me.

Hit & run, we've had some rum,
We're numb in the extremities.
We're staring down a scarecrow's frown,
Apart from amenities.

"Okay" these days, is a good thing to be.
Street lights sit perpendicular to me.
I'm in harm's way, so harm me.